General & Restorative Dentistry

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns, sometimes called “caps,” serve the important purpose of supporting or replacing severely damaged teeth. Crowns can also be used to support a dental bridge. A bridge is a restoration that literally bridges a gap created by missing teeth. Here at Jackman Dental, we can customize high-quality crowns and bridges that fully meet your functional and aesthetic needs. Tooth shades can be digitally matched to restore a Bright, Healthy and Confident Smile.

Dental Implants

Dental implants offer the best replacement support for your bridges, crowns, and dentures. They allow you to speak and eat naturally, while retaining valuable bone mass in your jaw. Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically implanted in the jaw and become fused to the bone. Dental implants serve the same function as tooth roots. Most Implant placements and restorations are provided in the same day. Some implants with bone reconstruction may require two surgeries and a few months to heal. Dr. Wayne Jackman provides the implant placement and restores the crown, bridge or dentures himself. Patients who do not wish to have removal Dentures may benefit from the "New" All on 4®, non patient removable Dentures. Call to Schedule a FREE Implant Consultation Today!

Root Canal Therapy

Sometimes tooth decay is so extensive it penetrates into the pulp, or the tissue deep inside the tooth chamber. Root canal therapy is the process of removing the infected tissue and preserving the healthy outer layers of the tooth. Root canals performed today are virtually painless. The final step in a root canal is usually the placement of a dental crown.


Today’s denture technology gives you a variety of choices. Our practice can customize dentures that look natural and feel comfortable, while meeting your unique needs. Patients can enjoy traditional dentures or implant-supported dentures. Dental implants can offer a lifetime of support without any worry of your dentures slipping or compromising your speech. Our practice also offers the innovative All-on-4® treatment, which uses implants to support an entire arch of dentures. For patients who want dentures and a more youthful appearance, we are proud to offer Strickland Facelift Dentures™.

A full mouth reconstruction is an individualized approach in addressing challenging rehabilitation cases. We will review your needs with you in detail, and combine any number of services to restore the function and beauty of your smile. Treatments can be phased to accommodate your schedule and budget. At the end of treatment, you an expect a smile that is comfortable and healthy, while looking completely natural.


Traditional braces are best known for creating a straight smile, but they are also an important tool in correcting tooth and jaw alignment problems. Orthodontics is a classic solution for overcoming overbites, underbites, and crooked or protruding teeth, as well as preventing future oral health issues. Children and adults alike can enjoy the benefits of traditional orthodontics. For our adolescent and adult patients, we also offer Invisalign®.

Sedation Dentistry

We know that some patients have a high level of anxiety when they come to the dentist’s office. Unfortunately, avoiding the dentist can only cause existing oral health problems to become worse. We want you to receive the treatment you need, and feel comfortable doing so. For our patients requiring extra care, we offer sedation dentistry. As part of our commitment to patient comfort and convenience, we offer three types of sedation: nitrous, oral conscious, and intravenous.

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