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Dr. Wayne P. Jackman, has been a Ravenna Dentist for over 20 years. He has the experience necessary to help patients in the community achieve and maintain a confident smile. If you'd like to keep your teeth for life, the latest techniques and equipment are used by this excellent team of professionals to make that possible.

Denture patients may choose to trade their loose and ill fitting denture with implants and implant dentures. Ask about the "NEW" removable, or permanent appliances.

"My passion is to restore each and every mouth to optimal Health and chewing ability."

- Dr. Wayne P. Jackman

We enjoy interacting with our patients, and making a difference to the way you look and feel.

  • We are dedicated to providing healthy, aesthetic smiles and we focus on improving the quality, function, and appearance of your teeth so they lasts a lifetime.

  • We aim to meet every patient's needs by offering a variety of general and advanced dental treatments; all under one roof at our Ravenna Dentist Office.

  • We are a warm and friendly team and we ensure that you are comfortable, pain free and safe.

  • Financial plans, special appointments and treatment options are individually customized for you, by Wayne P. Jackman DDS, himself.

More information is available for you throughout this website. It holds an abundance of information about the practice, procedures, and the unlimited services available in General Dentistry.

Taking advantage of this information will assist you in making informed decisions about your dental treatment options. You will better understand the long term affects that your decisions will have on your over all Health.

New patients are welcome. Our team at Jackman Dental looks forward to developing long-lasting relationships with you.

Wayne P. Jackman D.D.S

Jackman Dental

444 S. Meridian St Ste 8

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